15 11 / 2012


In a new recording of a conference call that took place yesterday, Romney told his contributors that Obama’s strategy was to “focus on certain members of his base coalition, give them extraordinary financial gifts from the government, and then work very aggressively to turn them out to vote.” These gifts, Romney lamented, “add up to trillions of dollars” and were delivered to “targeted groups,” “especially the African-American community, the Hispanic community and young people

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I just can’t with this. Things like education and access to decent health care aren’t “gifts”, they’re basic human rights. The wars in the Middle East have also cost untold trillions. Of course I don’t see them complaining about that….

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17 5 / 2012

"I’m not familiar precisely with what I said, but I’ll stand by what I said whatever it was."

Mitt Romney, when asked about previous comments he’s made regarding President Obama and Jeremiah Wright.

Mitt Romney just made flip-flopping an Olympic sport. Or something.

For the record, here’s what he said on Sean Hannity’s radio show:

“I think again that the president takes his philosophical leanings in this regard, not from those who are ardent believers in various faiths but instead from those who would like America to be more secular. And I’m not sure which is worse, him listening to Reverend Wright or him saying that we must be a less Christian nation.” [Hannity Radio, 2/7/12]

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24 4 / 2012


So today I got this email from MoveOn.org:

Dear MoveOn member,

Can I share something? I’m worried. I have two kids, and I honestly have no idea how I’m going to pay for them to go to college.

When I went to school in the mid-90s, I paid little less than $4,000 a year…

I’m having my babies here in Germany, where students riot if their fees go up 50 Euros for the semester. University here is basically free. And there are other systems in place for education post high-school that aren’t just university-based.

I like and know I’m fortunate to now live in a place where education is a basic human right. Like healthcare, it shouldn’t bankrupt you. 

28 3 / 2012


A revealing conversation last night on Jay Leno regarding Romney’s infatuation with repealing Obamacare and provisions like covering pre-existing conditions:

Romney: “People with pre-existing conditions, as long as they have been insured before, they are going to be able to continue to have 
Leno: “Suppose they haven’t been insured.”
Romney: “If they are 45 years old and they show up and say I want insurance because I have heart disease, it’s like, ‘Hey guys. We can’t play the game like that. You’ve got to get insurance when you are well and then if you get ill, you are going to be covered.’”

Some people with preexisting conditions didn’t just refuse to buy insurance; many of them lost it when they lost their jobs.

This targets the less fortunate and takes a multi-millionaire prick with no heart to say. Mitt can’t even fake the compassion like George W.

Romney seriously has no clue. None. At all.

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