22 6 / 2012


Rachel Maddow explains what the hell ‘Fast and Furious’ is all about

Maddow explains how the GOP smear campaign being waged by Darrell Issa started with a conspiracy theory from Alabama militiaman (read: right-wing terrorist) Michael Vanderboegh. Vanderboegh is best-known for advocating vandalism against the HQs of Democratic politicians nationwide in retaliation for the passage of the Affordable Care Act:

“Operation Fast and Furious” was a plan begun under the Bush administration that intentionally allowed unauthorized guns to be sold with the intention of following those guns and seeing if they would lead to Mexican drug cartels.

“Whatever you think of that style of law enforcement program, whatever you may think of the George W. Bush administration for beginning it or the Obama administration for continuing it,” said Rachel, “To this militia blogger guy, to the ‘Break their windows, break them NOW’ guy, this got re-imagined as a conspiracy to eliminate the Second Amendment.”

And of course, whenever right wingers think their gun ownership rights may be threatened, they tend to go full-tilt-boogie batshit cuckoo crazy, which is exactly what has happened.

“If it doesn’t sound like it makes sense,” warned Maddow, “It’s because it doesn’t make sense.”

(Source: diadoumenos, via reagan-was-a-horrible-president)