15 11 / 2013

Mein Boo went to IKEA and got this. Useful. He also got some frozen Swedish meatballs that I’m pretty sure have a low horsemeat content.

Mein Boo went to IKEA and got this. Useful. He also got some frozen Swedish meatballs that I’m pretty sure have a low horsemeat content.

24 10 / 2013

We have a wedding to go to tomorrow evening. We got the invitations about 3 months ago. This morning Mein Boo says a friend at work told him what Black Tie means. He told me he thought it means to wear A black tie. 

He can’t fit into his tuxedo from a few years ago anymore. I told him his suit is well-tailored and I don’t have a gown here anyway, but I don’t think they’ll kick us out because of it. The bride and groom are pretty chill people.

I think we’ll manage.

05 10 / 2013

Mein Boo fixed my iPhone!!! The power button works again. For the last couple of months I just waited a minute for it to lock. Unfortunately even with that it led to a few random pocket calls, texts and posts. Took him about 5 hours total, including the time it took him to bike to a shop in the pouring rain this morning to buy a needed part.

05 10 / 2013

I hope this works.

I hope this works.

03 10 / 2013

Quoth Mein Boo: “They all have such straight, white teeth. And I bet they’re all 100% shaved.”

A mutually twisted sense of humor can be good for a relationship.

23 9 / 2013

Mein Boo was resting his head between my shoulder and boobie. Or “my shoobie”.

16 9 / 2013

Because he, like, totally "gets me".

  • 1: You should go back to the spa today and get a massage. One of the long, full body ones.
  • 2: Ok.

08 8 / 2013

As Mein Boo sees me off and prepares to head back to Munich, I’m desperately fighting the urge to change into my grey velour pants for the flight.

08 8 / 2013

I’m at Hauptbahnhof, about to take a train to Stuttgart because it was about €500 cheaper for me to fly out of there instead of MUC.

And Mein Boo is coming to Stuttgart with me. At 3AM. Not because he doesn’t think I can’t handle the trip myself or any such nonsense, but because he wants to spend a few more hours together before I’m gone for a month.

27 7 / 2013

Was just at an anti-Prism protest with Mein Boo. Excellent turnout. Minimal police presence, except the dudes with machine guns outside the American Consulate, where the march started. Apart from that the police cleared the route so protesters were able to march peacefully.

And now, were going to a beer garden.

07 7 / 2013

He’s got a pair of swim trunks that still look great on him. The shorts are a bit much. At least he realized.

28 4 / 2013

Habitat successfully unfucked this weekend. Mein Boo cleaned the bathroom, which I thanked him for profusely.

13 3 / 2013

Mein Boo’s mother just sent me a nice email wishing before I visit the States for 3 weeks on Saturday.

"I wish you flights without problems or strikes."

04 3 / 2013

Oh so yeah Mein Boo has been sick all Sunday with what I had last week, apparently.

07 2 / 2013

I’m treating myself to a nice late lunch with wahhhhhn, then packing when I get home. Mein Boo and I are going back to Gran Canaria for a week Saturday. At first I thought he needed the vacation way more than I do, since he worked so much around Christmas, but after this week…

Yeah, we both need it. And a warm, sunny place is more or less critical right now.