20 8 / 2012






Honestly, WTF … photos from A Spell Wedding

Fuck. Everything. About this.

My culture is not a trend, and it sure as fuck is not a theme for your tacky-ass white girl wedding.

This is a disgusting wedding. How fucking entitled do you have to be.

What a dumb white bitch.

Oh God, I’m afraid to look…

I looked. And there’s this in defense by “Amanda” (bolded by me for emphasis on how fucked up it is):

Ok this is my last comment on the subject. People are free to form their own opinions, but please try to educate yourself, and most of all, please avoid hypocrisy when you choose to accuse, insult and lambast others. There are infinite numbers of amulets, talismans, charms, and symbols that have been used throughout history to protect against things that might scare or harm us. Examples of this collective apotropaic symbology are littered throughout popular culture and fashion. The dreamcatcher, mezuzah, and hamsa are a few examples that you may be familiar with. Now its up to each individual to choose whether or not they consider appropriation of this symbology to be offensive. But please don’t conflate nieve uses of said symbology with racism. It does a huge disservice to the real victims of racism, Native Americans included. And finally, if you truly care about Native American culture and customs, please do everything you can to facilitate its assimilation into our culture so that we can get past the horrible experiment that has been “reservations.”

I replied as “Daisy”.